Wednesday, August 14, 2013

St Louis Cardinals/Cubs game. St Louis Zoo.

This last weekend we took Kennedy to her first St Louis Cardinals game.  We had to do it up right and start her with a Cardinals/Cubs game.  We went with our friends Chris and Heather Mullis and Same and Melanie Blair with their twins Jackson and Avery.  What a group we were!  :-) We left on a Saturday morning for an evening game on Saturday night.  We completed the quick weekend trip on Sunday with her first trip to the Zoo!  This is the weekend in pictures for our family and friends: 

Somehow we scored one of the best views from our balcony.

Love this!

Family photo.  Kennedy is not a fan of the sun in her eyes.

Another family photo inside the stadium

Quick selfie before we headed to the game.

Kennedy's cute outfit I Found on Etsy! 

She loves it!

She got so excited and was all smiles when we got inside the stadium.

Check out the lady photobombing us! So funny!

At the game.

Kennedy met Fred Bird! 

View from our seats.

7th inning stretch means time for Kennedy's dinner.

She is a Louisville Slugger. :-)

Night view from our balcony!  Amazing! 

Zoo time on Sunday.

You have to have Animal Crackers at the Zoo!

The token gorilla shot that is famous in our family.

Kennedy trying to touch the Sting Rays.

She is trying so hard!

The friendly Sting Ray came all the way to the top so she could touch it!  This was by far the best exhibit at the Zoo! 
All in all it was a great quick trip!  It was a great way to end the summer.  That seems so crazy to say, but it is true.  Summer 2013 will be over very soon. :-(  Bring on the fall weather, hoodies, and football!

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