Wednesday, August 14, 2013

St Louis Cardinals/Cubs game. St Louis Zoo.

This last weekend we took Kennedy to her first St Louis Cardinals game.  We had to do it up right and start her with a Cardinals/Cubs game.  We went with our friends Chris and Heather Mullis and Same and Melanie Blair with their twins Jackson and Avery.  What a group we were!  :-) We left on a Saturday morning for an evening game on Saturday night.  We completed the quick weekend trip on Sunday with her first trip to the Zoo!  This is the weekend in pictures for our family and friends: 

Somehow we scored one of the best views from our balcony.

Love this!

Family photo.  Kennedy is not a fan of the sun in her eyes.

Another family photo inside the stadium

Quick selfie before we headed to the game.

Kennedy's cute outfit I Found on Etsy! 

She loves it!

She got so excited and was all smiles when we got inside the stadium.

Check out the lady photobombing us! So funny!

At the game.

Kennedy met Fred Bird! 

View from our seats.

7th inning stretch means time for Kennedy's dinner.

She is a Louisville Slugger. :-)

Night view from our balcony!  Amazing! 

Zoo time on Sunday.

You have to have Animal Crackers at the Zoo!

The token gorilla shot that is famous in our family.

Kennedy trying to touch the Sting Rays.

She is trying so hard!

The friendly Sting Ray came all the way to the top so she could touch it!  This was by far the best exhibit at the Zoo! 
All in all it was a great quick trip!  It was a great way to end the summer.  That seems so crazy to say, but it is true.  Summer 2013 will be over very soon. :-(  Bring on the fall weather, hoodies, and football!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

9 months!!!

Height: 2 feet 4 inches
Weight:17 lb 13 oz
Diaper: Size 3

Clothes:  6-12 months, 9 months, some 3-6 months still work.

Feedings: Earth's Best Organic Sensitivity formula.  She usually takes between 24-29 ounces a day plus she has oatmeal at breakfast, yogurt at lunch, and then a fruit or veggie at night.  Our list of foods that Kennedy has had so far:  1. Sweet Potatoes/yams 2. Carrots 3. Butternut Squash 4. Avocado 5. Peas 6. Green beans 7. Apples 8. Bananas 9. Blueberries 10. Peaches 11. Pears 12. plums 13. Mangos.  I have still made all of her baby foods and have used all organic produce. 

Sleeping: Kennedy goes to bed usually between 8:30 and 9:30pm and usually sleeps until 8:00 -10:00am.  Before we go to bed we like to sneak into her room and look at how she is sleeping. :-)

Teeth:  Two on bottom, and two on top.  They are very visible when she smiles now. :-)

Crawling: She still fights me on this....stubborn.....

Standing:  She will stand and hold on to both of our hands, and when she is feeling brave she will let go of a hand.  :-) 

We had our 9 month check up with Dr Meyer today and all is well!  Kennedy is doing great and is right on track!  We were hoping today would be a vaccine free day, but unfortunately since we started her vaccines with one pediatrian and then had to change we had to get caught up on one vaccine.  So she got one shot and she did soooo much better this time.  She frowned and started to cry but I scooped her up and started bouncing her around and she forgot all about it and even smiled.  :-)  Dad pointed out that she is more easily distracted now!

So HAPPY to be 9 months!

Happy 9 Month Birthday!

This is her usual sleep position

The one and only Cheerios!  She loves them of course! All babies do.

First boat time.

Today's 9 month Well baby visit.  She isn't completely naked...she has a diaper on. 

We had our weekly family visit to the park for a run and then some swinging time.  It has been raining here for days now and we only get a few hours a day of no rain.  :-)  This was her first time in this kind of swing.  She was a little concerned at first, but she liked it after a few minutes. 

8 months I forgot to post Kennedy's 8 month update. Shame on me! 

So here it is!

Weight: Didn't do
Height: Didn't do
Diaper: Size 2 towards the beginning, and then we needed a little more room so we ordered the size 3's.
Feedings: this month I transitioned Kennedy to formula.  I started mixing 1:1 with breast milk and formula and gradually worked the formula higher until I ran out of breast milk.  Luckily Kennedy handled it well.  She did get a little bit of a diaper rash at first, but that is to be expected when you transition.  I was pretty sad at first, but I also feel a little bit of relief.  Kennedy's nutrition is no longer entirely up to me.  It is kind of nice to have help with feedings.  I do miss that bonding time, but I am pretty proud of making it to 8 months! 
Talents:  This month Kennedy started waving hi and goodbye.  It is sooooooo cute!  She gets really excited when she waves! Kennedy can now sit fully without support.  She also likes to lean up to look around when you play peek-a-boo with her.  That is also another one of my favorite things!  :-)  She also has discovered the bouncy seat!  She is a fan!
Teeth:  This month the 2 top teeth have FINALLY come in!  She has been working on those for months! 
Crawling:  she is not a fan. :-(  Every time I put her on her tummy she almost immediately turns over.  :-)  When I get her to stay on her tummy she scoots backwards.  If that doesn't work she will roll over and move back and forth on her back until she gets to what she wants.  I am sure she will crawl when she is ready.  However, I don't think I am ready just yet! 

This is Giggles.  We made her at Build A Bear.  She picked her out believe it or not.  We showed her all the bears and when she looked at Giggles she started waving her arms around and smiling.