Thursday, August 8, 2013

8 months I forgot to post Kennedy's 8 month update. Shame on me! 

So here it is!

Weight: Didn't do
Height: Didn't do
Diaper: Size 2 towards the beginning, and then we needed a little more room so we ordered the size 3's.
Feedings: this month I transitioned Kennedy to formula.  I started mixing 1:1 with breast milk and formula and gradually worked the formula higher until I ran out of breast milk.  Luckily Kennedy handled it well.  She did get a little bit of a diaper rash at first, but that is to be expected when you transition.  I was pretty sad at first, but I also feel a little bit of relief.  Kennedy's nutrition is no longer entirely up to me.  It is kind of nice to have help with feedings.  I do miss that bonding time, but I am pretty proud of making it to 8 months! 
Talents:  This month Kennedy started waving hi and goodbye.  It is sooooooo cute!  She gets really excited when she waves! Kennedy can now sit fully without support.  She also likes to lean up to look around when you play peek-a-boo with her.  That is also another one of my favorite things!  :-)  She also has discovered the bouncy seat!  She is a fan!
Teeth:  This month the 2 top teeth have FINALLY come in!  She has been working on those for months! 
Crawling:  she is not a fan. :-(  Every time I put her on her tummy she almost immediately turns over.  :-)  When I get her to stay on her tummy she scoots backwards.  If that doesn't work she will roll over and move back and forth on her back until she gets to what she wants.  I am sure she will crawl when she is ready.  However, I don't think I am ready just yet! 

This is Giggles.  We made her at Build A Bear.  She picked her out believe it or not.  We showed her all the bears and when she looked at Giggles she started waving her arms around and smiling. 

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