Thursday, March 7, 2013

4 months!!

Well, we are one month closer to a year and one month farther away from being a newborn. Which is exciting and sad all at the same time!
This months stats:

Weight: 12 pounds 1 oz
Length: 24 inches
Clothes: 0-3 months and 3 month
Diapers: size 1 but our next supply coming mid March are size 2's
Feedings: still eating about every 3 hours with at least once during the day going 4 hours or a little more.  She still takes one bottle at night from daddy and that is 7 oz.  She is still 100% breastfed!  Only 2 months away from my goal of 6 months.  Although I plan to go as long as I can stand it!
Sleep: we are so blessed that she still sleeps through the night and she sleeps in that crazy thing!  Lately I have to wake her up at about 9:30 just so I can feed her.
Dislikes: mom laughing loud, and dad's sneezes :)
Likes: laying on her back on her play yard playing with the toys hanging above, and she still loves to swing
Bath time: we recently increased her to 3 a week due to an increase in spit ups and poopy diapers.  She was starting to get stinky:-) Seriously.
She has great head control and likes sitting up in her bumbo.  We decided to go ahead and offer her a taste of oatmeal cereal to see what she would think.  She was very confused.  It was priceless!  We will probably try to offer it to her every other day and eventually she might actually like it. 
Trick:  She can move herself to the complete opposite side of the crib in the opposite direction that she started in without making any noise.  :-)  She is so sneaky!  It cracks me up!

Here is an article for all mom's on why we did not start Kennedy on rice cereal and skipped straight to oatmeal:

This top was what my mom put me in when I came home from the hospital.  :-)

Oatmeal mouth:-) First taste on 3/6/13

Yes, she started the night with her head in the other direction on the burp cloth, we woke up and found her like this.  How does she do that??

4 month photo shoot with mom.  Baby Gap jean skirt from Aunt Olivia and baby leggies made by mom.