Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yes, it's true.  I have not fallen off the face of the blogging world.  Life has been one crazy whirlwind lately.

We are still working on the basement.  I was way off base when I thought we would be done with everything quickly.  There are so many little details to get done before you can get to the good stuff like actually having walls and a floor.  I can't even imagine what those people go through that build a house from scratch.  Justin has been working downstairs on plumbing, electrical, and more framing since my last post.  I am starting to get anxious to just get it done and finished, but doing it right is the most important thing right now.  I am most excited because if all goes as planned we should be able to get the drywall done in the next month!  That will really make it look like more of a living space and make it more real!  Flooring would be the next big thing and we have decided to go with bamboo for the basement and at the same time we will be replacing our carpet upstairs with the bamboo as well.  That is the plan and of course it is subject to change. :-)

Next up is getting rid of more stuff!  Before the wedding we got rid of a ton of random stuff that was just lying around taking up space in Justin's house.  We arranged with the Council for the Blind to come pick up a whole truck load.  We have quickly accumulated more stuff to get rid of and believe it or not I think we will have another truck load to donate.  We are going to try to sell some of the bigger stuff on Craigslist and if it doesn't sell it is going to charity! 

One of my new favorite things is to play around on a newer site called Pinterest.  It can be so addicting!  They have a ton of awesome DIY ideas for decorating and also have tons of fun recipes.  I just made one today.  They are Nutella cookies.  They are very tasty and pretty much taste like brownies.  Here is a picture:

Oven: 350
Bake: 7-8 Minutes

Ingredients:  1/2 cup sugar
                    1 cup all purpose flour
                    1 Egg
                    1 cup Nutella

Mix all together and form into 1 inch balls.  Take a glass cup and press down firmly then bake.  Yummy!
You should try them! 

Back to work tonight after 6 days off! :-(  Saturday we are going to celebrate my best buddy Mel being done with her Chemo treatments by having a Wigging out party.  Everyone has to wear fun crazy wigs!  I will post pics later!