Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012.

Happy New Year everyone!  2011 has been a fun and busy year for Justin and I.  We have experienced a ton of fun with family and friends!  In no particular order here are some highlights: The biggest highlights of 2011 would have to be our first year anniversary as a married couple.  We have had a fantastic first year and look forward to many years to come!  Another highlight would have to be our basement remodel.  It took us most of 2011 to complete, but we are finally able to enjoy all of our hardwork.  We love projects so I am excited to see what our next one will be. Another highlight of 2011 would have to be running and completing my first Marathon.  It was hard work and dedication and a lot of getting up early in the morning for long runs when I really just wanted to sleep.  It was so worth it in the end!  We also went on our first long road trip as husband and wife to New Orleans.  I also had my first skiing experience in Denver Colorado and realized that I am not a natural.  :-)These last few months have included a promotion for my husband and a job change for myself.  We are looking forward to the many things that 2012 will bring! 

Chris and Heather Mullis's wedding (for my mom)

Happy New Year at Flame!

Almost time!

First kiss of the new Year!  Happy 2012!

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