Monday, August 29, 2011

Basement Saga.

Well after almost a year of work the basement is finally done!  Just a little reminder of what the basement looked like before:


Several months ago I volunteered our basement for a wedding shower for our good friends Heather Bazan and Chris Mullis.  I had no idea how close we would be cutting it at the time.  Thanks to great family and friends we were able to make it happen.  We were working right up until our guests started arriving but we did it! 

I love our new floors and rug!

Bathroom # 3

Both of our old couches came in handy until we get the ones we really want.

Our first night hanging out in our new basement just the two of us! 

We still have plenty to do to make it the way we want it but the main things are done!  Now we are moving on to decorating!  It is amazing the time and money and energy we have put into this place!  It was definitely worth it! 

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