Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Please help us find Louie a good home!

Free to good home:

Name: Louie
Breed: Lhasa Apso
Whelp date/DOB: 3/19/2008
Sex: Male
Weight: approx 20-21 pounds
Favorite treat: Small milk bones, and Ice cubes
Favorite toy: Green and white nylabone
Louie is potty trained.  I even trained him to ring a bell to go outside several years ago when I lived in a third floor apartment. 
Louie sleeps in his kennel at night.  He loves his kennel!  It is like his safe place and he often can be found laying in there with the door open if he gets scared.
Louie loves car rides and going on walks. 
Louie has long hair, but we usually get him shaved short 2-3 times a year.
Louie has been neutured and is current on his shots. 

Louie has been a great dog for our family....pre-baby.  I have had Louie since he was a very small puppy.  We adopted him from PetLand before we knew that PetLand was bad!  I promise!  Louie is a playful dog and loves his treats and toys.  Louie resents the fact that we have a baby in the house and we have been dreading this moment.  Now that our Kennedy Grace is mobile and down on his level Louie has had a few moments where he has snapped at her.  A few times have been when Kennedy has tried to touch him or gets in the way of his toys or treats.  So far, he has not made contact with her, but I cannot let that happen.  We are looking for a family that has grown kids (no small kiddos) or no kids at all.  He does well with other dogs.  We also have a Chocolate lab named Frank and they are buddies.  Even though Frank is 3 times the size of Louie, Louie is the head of house hold around here.  Our Lab is awesome with Kennedy, which was to be expected.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in Louie please share my blog on your facebook page!  We really appreciate the help in finding our pup a good home! 

Louie as a puppy the day we adopted him.
An example of Louie with his long hair.  He looks like this right now, but I figured we would wait to get him shaved until we know if he has a new home or not.

What Louie looks like with short hair.

Photo credit: Heathercheriephotography

Photo credit: Heathercheriephotography
If interested you can contact me by email:
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