Monday, June 10, 2013

7 months

Another month has gone by and once again I can't believe it!  How can I have a 7 month old already?


Weight:15.5 pounds (approx due to the inaccuracy of my weighing method :-))
Height: Forgot to measure
Diapers: Size 2

Feedings:  We do 5 feedings a day.  She gets Oatmeal in the morning and then a bottle of 4-5 ounces of breast milk.  Throughout the rest of the day she gets 3 more bottles of 4-5 ounces of breast milk and then has a veggie at night and an 8 ounce bottle before bed. Yes, we are doing all bottles now.  It has now been 2 weeks since I have nursed her.:(  This is due to what I will call "the incident."  After "the incident" I decided it would be best if I just keep pumping as long as I can and give her bottles.  I must say I was pretty heart broken at first.  It happened right before we left for vacation and that threw off all of my plans on feeding her, but it ended up working so much better because my husband and family were able to help feed her instead of it being completely up to me.  We also started using a sippy cup and offering her a little bit of water in between her feedings.  Her face is still funny sometimes when she takes her first sip, but she doesn't seem to mind it.  She drinks a little and then plays with the rest.

Clothes: Still depends on the brand but mostly 3-6 months.  Some bottoms are still 3 months.

Sleep:  She is still a great sleeper.  She sleeps for 11-12 hours over night and then takes 2-3 naps during the day.  I now put her in her crib for naps which most of the time she seems to love.   

Teeth:  Still just the 2 on the bottom, but I imagine the top 2 will be coming sometime this month.

Activity: She sits up with a little bit of support.  She loves standing up now, with us holding on to her of course.  She also rolls from her stomach to back and I finally caught it on video! 

Talking: She says ma-ma a lot, but I am still not sure if she knows what that means, and she also likes to say ba-ba, and every now and again will throw in a few da-da's.  She is a very high pitched squealer as well.  :-)

Solid foods: So far she has loved sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash.  She tried avocado on vacation and HATED it!  Next up on the list is going to be green beans or peas, and then we will try some fruits.

Bring on the first birthday party planning!  It's never too early! :-)