Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 months....a few weeks late:)

Our little one is 5 months old (well almost 6 months as of today, but what can I say I have been busy.)


Weight: We weighed her in at 12.2 pounds but last time our scale was a little off compared to the doctor's office so I am going to guess 12.5 pounds.

Clothes: Some 0-3 months still fit but are getting snug and all 3 month sizes fit great.  There are even some 3-6 month sizes that I am trying out.  They are a little big but they work! :-) It really depends on the brand.

Diaper: Size 2

Feedings: We started oatmeal last month after her 4 month check up.  We offer her about1-2 tbsp every other night before she gets an 8 oz bottle of milk that I have pumped.  She is starting to get the hang of the oatmeal and we actually end up with more in her mouth then on her bib and hands! Progress!  Oh and have I mentioned the drool?  Its everywhere!  All the time! 

Sleep:  She typically sleeps 12 hours or more over night.  Bedtime is between 9-10 and she usually wakes between 9-11.  I know.....this is not typical for babies.  We have just been blessed with a baby that loves to sleep!  Plus she only takes a few short naps during the day so I think she stores it up for night time.

Dislikes: The sun in her eyes.  We go for walks/runs on the nice days and she loves her sun hats and the stroller because I can cover her eyes with them.

Likes: Going for walks.  She likes the wind in her face.  She gets really excited and I think it relaxes her and she usually takes a good little nap. She also enjoys playing with her tongue and spitting on mommy and daddy. :-)  She also likes sucking on her fingers, my fingers, dad's fingers, and anyone else who is willing.

Bath time: every other night she gets a bath before her cereal and bottle for the night.  We removed the sling from her pink tub and she can now balance herself sitting up in the tub.  She seemed a little un easy with this change at first.  Her expressions give her away!  :-)

I can't believe how fast the time is passing!!  She is getting more and more fun as the weeks go by!  Big things are happening this month and there will be plenty of updates for her 6 month blog!  We also get another 6 month check up which means yucky shots! Boo!!!  We are also excited to have another photo session with J Designs! 

For now I have some more amateur photos taken by me. :-)